Coming up for air

So its been pretty quiet on here for a few months. I've been living in the Grampians writing the upcoming bouldering guidebook with Chris Webb Parsons. It's taken month's of hard work but the book has really come together now. We aim to have it on shelves by xmas this year so we are busting ass to tie up all the loose ends and get it over the finish line by November.
Thanks to everyone who helped us out with a place to stay and with the climbing of new lines, especially the Melbourne crew: The Kassays, Al Rob, Josh G, and Omar

Japanese weapon, Masa, rips through Eve Reve v12/13, Hollow Mtn Cave

I'm over in China for a few months working before heading back to the states in November for a schooling on the blocs of Joes Valley, UT, and Bishop. Can't wait. A website dedicated to the new guidebook, with photos, news and updates will be online within a month or two. Stay tuned for more.
Also is online with some of the better photos from the last few trips


Tom on American Pie v11, Hollow Mtn Cave

Eric cranking down on Snooky Badlands v11, Taipan Wall

Doug on Gay Hip Flexor v7, Campground Boulders

Doug waits for the barndoor on Nevin Rule v7, Kindergarten

I've been down in the Grampians bouldering for 6 weeks or so. I'll probably stay down for that long again before heading north back home. I've been spending a fair bit of time exploring the Stapylton Area for new rock. I've come up with a few qualtiy lines including Raging Bull v9, a burly line of 12 pockets out a long prow/roof to a cruxy deadpoint rounding the nose. Two more super hard lines still remain waiting unsent (photos to come).

Having not been back to the gramps since 2003 (the pre bouldering years) i've had a smorgasbord of classics to do. I managed to get through my original ticklist of 15 classics in less than 10 days so i have made a new to-do list that extends way beyond my current abilities. Next week i'm off to the Tower area for the first time. It is one of the many areas where the bouldering potential hasn't come close to being tapped out. Can't wait.

I haven't got the camera out all that much lately because i have been climbing solo most of the time. Hopefully that will change as the temps start to drop.

The future is here (ACTUAL PHOTO)

Spotted in the carpark of an In-And-Out Burger store in Bakersfield, CA.
The origins of this bad boy are still unclear. Labelled "Slipstream" it appears to be the chopshop union of a late model Airstream and a Soviet era helicopter. Four seperate exractor fans on the roof, as well as that it is parked outside Bakersfield indicate it may be being used as a mobile meth lab.
Note the similarities to my earlier artistic impression.

The Airstream on crack

So on the way from Bishop to the bay our motley crew passed what could easily have been the pinnacle of motorhome living. I don't have access to photographic proof right now so i made an artists impression based on their current model. Believe it or not but the wave design on the side (although not present on the one we saw) was added with photoshop!!!! the future of the land yacht is here